How can I order a product?

You can order through our online e-shop www.lacrimosadesign.com, by phone (+30,2310.286770) or by e-mail: info@lacrimosadesign.com

When should I expect any response regarding my order from Lacrimosa Design;

Upon completion of the process of ordering products, you automatically send a confirmation checkout to your email. After that the products are shipped immediately.

Can I send the purchased product as a gift directly to another recipient?

You have the ability to send our products to another address by selecting “Send as a gift”. So, payment data will not be included with the shipment.

How can I track the progress of my order?

You can or sign up in your account, if you already have one or you can create an account. Go to “Your orders” session and you will see the list of all your purchases and their status.

What kind of printing products are used in fabric?

Regarding the products printed on fabric, they are printed using digital printing with special treatment, their colours are 100% indelible and preserve their liveliness. They repel dirt, washable up to 40°C, dry instantly and can be ironed carefully.

Can I print my own design on one of your products?

Lacrimosa Design online store sells products that are designed and produced by our company and our associates. This can not be done on a single product.
What we can do is give you the opportunity to print your own design and create in a specific quantity, by agreements, the products you want. You can find more information in section B2B.