We give you the opportunity of Offer an original favor to your little guests.

Choose one of our handcrafted creations or let us create your own favor!

We can design any theme you want for your event in products such as favor accessories, baptismal handbags, chrisom clothes, decorative fabrics for tables or chairs, handkerchiefs, etc.

Everything is printed in indelible and shiny colors!

We do not undertake the decoration and we do not sell sugar candies.

1. Baptism Bag

Made from printed fabric, with an inner lining for sufficient durability, lanyard for easy closing, and straps with sliding. Impress with a complete christening set with the child’s thematic bag!

2. Pillow

Available in any desired dimension, printed on one or both sides. With fluffy filling for a sweet adornment!

3. Pong

Available in any desired dimension, printed on one or both sides. With or without a cord at the top.

4. Punnet

Ideal to nest your tulle favor and offer a unique commemorative. Available in two-sided printing.

5. Thematic memorabilia

We can transform your special theme, into a wonderful favor in any dimension you wish. One-sided printing.

6. Square towel

Square towel 30×30 cm. The most usable commemorative, which all your guests will keep. With a triangular print on the edge of the towel for easy and unforgetable decoration.

7. Elongated towel

Εlongated towel 30×50 cm. The ideal size fοr a hand towel with a lanyard printing of your theme to its edge. If you wish to choose something different than the white towel, we have a wide variety of colors.

8. Pound towel

We create a beautiful towel pound, also useful as an object that our little friends will love, since it can be used while they bathe!

9. Small purse

Each of us has a small purse for coins or other useful trifles.

Why not keep this souvenir of your own event?

Available in two types, with a zip on the side or a zip on the top. With two-sided printing.

10. Handkerchief

Ideal souvenir, which can be used as an invitation, combining two products in one, easily and economically. With a uniform and color-coded perimeter, it is available printed on one side in any dimension you desire.

11. Decorating Fabrics

Embellish your event with Lacrimosa Design unique printed fabrics.

In any desirable theme, in the dimensions needed or in current measure.