Lacrimosa Design is a graphics design and advertisement company which, for the last 15 years, provides creative ideas and solutions to fulfill the needs of modern companies, while during the past three years, with the digital printing method on fabrics, creates exciting products, which you can see in

Next step in our creative pursuit was the design and production of the new series KYANOS with decorating products, accessories and useful items for the whole family.

Products are printed on fabric with high resistance indelible colors. All products are made in Greece, with emphasis on particularity and quality.

The inspiration for KYANOS series originates from our love for our country, our history and ancient greek culture. The designs and patterns are inspired from designs from geometric or archaic period of the Macedonian kingdom and other eras, customized in earthy or intense shadings. Representations of mythological and historical figures are combined with line drawings, creating an integrated range of products.

KYANOS collection is ideal for:

Museum shops – Multi-purpose venues for art and culture

Hotel shops

Shops for tourists

Travel agencies

Clubs and cultural institutions

Business gifts

The name cyanos is derived from the ancient greek word κυανός, meaning “dark blue”, formerly known as “cyan blue”. The greek poet Homer (author of Iliad and Odyssey, who lived during the 8th century B.C.) was the first to use the word “cyanos”. Ιn ancient times, “cyanos” was used to describe the blue reflections created when the sun light illuminated on dark-pencil grey metal alloy. We also find it in word ku-wa-no, in a Linear-B sign in Pylos, Greece. It is the bluish-grayish color, also found in nature, in birds feathers of flowers.

Kyanos collection is available only for wholesale.