Textile Printing

We create new market avenues with designing and textile digital printing.


With the digital printing method on fabrics, patterns and images can be printed directly from the computer screen onto the fabric, creating exciting opportunities for new products and cost-effective deals in the ever changing market.

Now, the high cost of printing and the limited number of colors and products belong to the past.

The new textile printing of Lacrimosa Design is the key to new market openings since it has nothing of the traditional textile printing drawbacks while offering unlimited number of colors usage in an excellent print quality with the ability of multiple patterns designing especially for limited productions.

We print with thermo-transfer, silk-screen printing, inkjet technology or directly into fabric, polyester, cotton, composite or elastic fabrics, printing directly on a blouse, printing on silk or other natural fabrics.

Why should I choose Lacrimosa Design for designing and digital textile printing?


• We will make your life easier, taking into consideration your demands on designing and printing , suggesting and explaining to you the whole process, in order to fullfil your needs and meet your requirements in the best possible way, in the best possible time.

• We work honestly and consistently.

• Our products are of excellent quality.

• Our main goal is to create a long term customer relationship.

We have the ability to print by silk transfer, heat transfer, or direct printing on fabric.