Ideas for your company

If you are looking for something different, that will grand a strong visual impression, we, at Lacrimosa Design, can be of your assistance by designing your own range of pillows, bags, fixtures, aprons, tobacco pouches, posters, calendars or any other products with your company’s brand or any graphic design suitable for your stores, in order to promote your company to customers.

Our products, apart from decorative use, are a very successful and innovative promotional tool, since they will remind and strengthen the promotion of your corporate identity, at any presentation.

If you are planning a corporate or social event, the use of decorative pillows can give a more lively and personal touch to the event, in all business activities.

Ideal for promotional events in:
▪ hotels – hotel shops
▪ museums – art and culture venues
▪ museum shops
▪ multi-purpose venues for art and culture
▪ travel agencies
▪ sports clubs and clubs – gyms
▪ event organizers
▪ night clubs, entertainment stores
and in any other professional category.

Call Lacrimosa Design to discuss your needs and suggest the most creative and appropriate idea for you!

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