Terms of Use


The www.lacrimosadesign.com is an online e-shop that offers decorative and utilitarian products. It also provides design and printing services, undertakes the production of personalized products and / or a combination of these with third parties.

The store is operated by the company under the name G. Papadopoulos & Co and the distinctive title “LACRIMOSA”, based in Thessaloniki, on 24 Aristotelous Street, 4th floor. The online store is operated by www.lacrimosadesign.com, under the terms and conditions as shown below.


1. Each user-buyer can express interest in any products available on our website on his/her behalf or on behalf of third parties.

2. The Company does not accept any disclaimer of clients which (the Company) have not undersigned.

3. In Terms of Use, the clause “user” refers to the natural or legal person, over 18 years of age, who has the required legal capacity. The clause “company” refers to the online store www.lacrimosadesign.com.

4. If the user disagrees with some or all of the Terms of Use of the e-shop, he/she must refrain from using. Otherwise, he/she indicates that he/she has accepted unconditionally all the terms and conditions of operation.

5. The user of the e-shop declares and accepts that he/she will not use its content in an illegal and/or immoral way. The visitor – user must use the online store in accordance with the law and should not carry out any acts or omissions that may cause damage or malfunction on the website www.lacrimosadesign.com.

6. For any information, queries and clarifications about the content of this site, the terms and conditions of use, the terms of sale and / or the services offered through it, you are requested, before proceeding with your browsing or use , contact Lacrimosa Design via e-mail at info@lacrimosadesign.com, or by calling +30.2310.286770 or at the above postal address, as located in Thessaloniki.


1. Order on Line
The purchase is completed after completing the data, the number of credit card, choose the option “I accept the terms of use” and add the product to his/her shopping basket. Only then, our company carries out the procedures for billing and shipping products on e-customer’s basket.

Upon completion of an order from the “Add to cart” menu, out company sends an informative e-mail to the user, with the order number and all relevant information for the purchase.

The company assumes no liability for any use of unlawful credit card transaction to be discarded with the user’s credit card.All transactions between the user and the company will be made through our website (www.lacrimosadesign.com) using the service provider of online payment processing which is contracted by the company.

2. By Phone
You have the possibility to order by phone and to aske any questions on the following telephone numbers: +30.2310.286770. Contact hours: Monday-Friday: 09: 00-18: 00.

3. By e-mail
You can send your order electronically by filling in all your details and phone numbers at info@lacrimosadesign.com and we will contact you.

4. On the Spot
You can visit our office: Lacrimosa Design, 24, Aristotelous Street, in the center of Thessaloniki.


  • ‪Using Paypal service.‬
  • Cash on delivery (for domestic customers).‬
  • Payment upon receipt of your order from our headquarters (for domestic customers).‬
  • For wholesale customers, a bank deposit can be made at Eurobank Greece.‬


All products are shipped through the “Center courier” service to the address you specified in your order.All orders are shipped within 24 hours, if there is immediate availability of the products.
Delivery time for orders within Greece is 1-2 business days. In inaccessible areas and islands there are 2-3 business days. Delivery time for orders in foreign countries may be up to 5 business days.


1. All prices include the legal VAT 24%.

2. Shipping costs are charged to the user.

3. The user who wishes to receive the products from our offices, will not be charged with shipping costs.

For purchases over 50 Euros, shipping within Greece is free of charge.
For shipments to Athens, Thessaloniki, province and islands, the charge, irrespective of the weight and mass of the shipment, is 5 euros.
For inaccessible areas please send your order and we will contact you to inform you of the final shipping cost.
In any case, if there is a difference in cost, we are obliged to notify you and consult with you.


1. Buyer pursuant to the provisions of current Article -4- Paragraph 10 of N. 2251/1994 may unjustifiably withdraw from the contract of sale of product / service within an exclusive fourteen (14) calendar days of purchase, by written notification of his claim to the Company (via email to info@lacrimosadesign.com).

2. The Company will refund to the user/buyer the amount of money corresponding to the value of the product, while the user/buyer will return the product that was initially received.

3. Order cancellation is accepted at the company’s office (Lacrimosa Design) in the following address: 24, Aristotle str., GR 546 23 Thessaloniki, Greece.

4. The product may be returned to the company inside his original packaging and if it has not been used or worn at all. The product must be accompanied by a receipt / invoice purchase.

5. Shipping costs in case of order cancellation are charged to the User.


1. Availability of “Lacrimosa Design” products is displayed under each product. If the availability is not as mentioned in the online store, the customer will be notified before the order is completed.‬

‪2. If a product is permanently unavailable, the user will be notified by mail or telephone.‬


1. “Lacrimosa Design” reserves the right to alter the material or part of the material or the materials of the products with other materials, of corresponding quality and these elements will refer to the characteristics of each product on the website.

‪2. The color difference of a product is a result of the difference between the colors on each screen or the photo-shooting conditions or production variations, should not be considered a defect and is likely to occur. Listed dimensions are likely to have little variation.‬

‪3. Our Company reserves the right to change the description and price of the products without prior notice or even deletion of them.


1. While visiting and using this website and the using the services that Lacrimosa Design offers, it is possible that the company asks the visitor-user to declare personal information, such as name, occupation, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. Personal data declared by users / visitors anywhere on the websites and services of this website (www.lacrimosadesign.com) are intended solely to ensure the operation of the respective service, in order to serve them better in accordance with the provisions of Law 2472/1997 on the protection of personal data, as well as Law 3471/2006 concerning data protection in the context of e-commerce, such as Tol force each time.

‪2. Lacrimosa Design does not store credit card data and uses personal data only for the processing market transactions, shipping and selling of products.

‪3. Only personal data voluntarily provided by users – visitors to this site, may be collected by Lacrimosa Design and used to provide the best service to its user-visitors. Lacrimosa Designs collects information from users – visitors about its products and services, regarding design and improvement, market research or tender participation.

‪4. Lacrimosa Design reserves the right to e-mail the user-visitor regardings offers, discounts, new products and other services to its customers. The user-visitor who so wishes, may request to stop receiving such messages at any time.

5. In no event shall Lacrimosa Design use the privacy of its user for commercial, advertising or other use to third parties.

6. Lacrimosa Design recognizes the importance of security of user-visitor’s personal data o and makes every reasonable effort to ensure their security. Visitors, however, must be aware that sending confidential information by e-mail is not the most secure way of communicating, as it always involves the risk that this information maybe read by third parties.

7. By deleting the user’s account from the site, all items that may have been saved from previous purchases are automatically deleted.

8. For any other information about your personal data, please contact Lacrimosa Design.

9. To ensure the confidentiality of data transfer, we use the SSL-128bit encryption protocol. Anywhere on the site you enter personal data (password, addresses, telephones, etc.) there is 128-bit SSL encryption.


1. “Lacrimosa Design” reserves the right to change the material or part of the materials used with other products of similar quality. Such data will be mentioned to the characteristics of each product’s post in our webpage.

‪2. The color difference between the product’s colors and screen colors is not considered as deficiency.

3. The Company reserves the right to modify or delete the description and price of products without prior notice.


1. All material on this website www.lacrimosadesign.com, including graphics, images, text and photos is considered as literary property (copyrights) of the Company or its affiliates.

‪2. Any reproduction, duplication or use of any content of this website in any media, with or without processing, without prior written permission is not allowed. Otherwise, there will be accountability in accordance with Law 2121/93 and the rules of international law enforced in Greece.

3. In any case, that the user violates the company’s intellectual property, the company reserves the right to terminate and/or delete the user’s information.


1. This website may contain links or references to other websites belonging to third parties. Also, access to the website of the company may be reached via links and web sites of third parties.

‪2. The Company, in no case indicated that unreservedly approves or recommends the content or third parties’ websites and does not guarantee or give any promise to the accuracy, currency or completeness of general information or content contained in these sites and therefore assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the user to use them.


All products purchased through Lacrimosa Design are the company’s property, until the full price of the product is paid by the user‬..


1. The company reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of transactions between the user and the website www.lacrimosadesign.com whenever necessary.

2. Users will be deemed to have been notified and are bound by the changes since these changes are posted on the website.

3. The Company reserves the right to alter or delete materials of the website at any time.